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Dear VFR-Pilots, welcome to our Discover Switzerland VFR-Tour 2017!

With this tour you will fly through the smallest valleys, land on famous airports like Samedan or Sion, and fly over some of the biggests lakes like Lake Geneva or Lake Lucerne. Next to that you will have to plan your flight between each airport, according to the given mission for each leg. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Go for it!



Imagine you have a few days OFF to spend for flying around Switzerland. Enjoy as much as you can, and take every opportunity to fly some hours! You just worked for the past 4 months, it's now time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flights.


 LEG 1 3 British tourists just landed in Bern with Skywork from London, they now want to go to the "4 Vallées" Ski Resort in order to enjoy the snow. Take them from Bern to Sion, and don't forget to fly over the GEMMIPASS as they want to take some pictures.
 LEG2 During your stopover in Sion last day, you met a good old friend you didn't see for a while. Take him back home to Gruyère while performing 1 touch-and-go in Lausanne just for fun.
 LEG 3 There are a lot of windmills in the area of Les Eplatures, and they have to be repaired once in a while. A qualified engineer is waiting for you in Yverdon-les-Bains LSGY, you will have to perform a full stop landing and bring him to Les Eplatures LSGC. Be carefull while planning your flight, as you are not allowed to cross LSMP TMA.
 LEG 4 Belfort is known for its castle and city. 2 friends of you living in La-Chaux-de-Fonds want to go there for some days, and as you are in Les Eplatures anyway you proposed them to fly to Belfort. Pay attention to the restricted areas around.
 LEG 5 You enjoyed 2 nice days in Belfort, it's now time to go back to Switzerland. As you want to enjoy the view on the Rhine River, you will first fly overhead Mulhouse and then follow the Rhine River until Birrfeld LSZF.
 LEG 6 As you know, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is located in Buochs. A rich couple living in Baden wants to go there, as they might be interested in buying a PC24. Fly to Buochs, while flying below LSZH TMA and LSME CTR/TMA.
 LEG 7 Your Grandmother is living in Balzers, in Liechtenstein. As you still have some days OFF, take the time to enjoy a dinner with her. Don't forget a small present to give her. The nearest aerodrome is Bad Ragaz LSZE.
 LEG 8 It's a beautiful day today, and you decide to fly to Samedan in order to spend the day in St-Moritz. The best way to get there is flying overhead Davos and then go over the FLUELAPASS.
 LEG 9 While enjoying a good dinner in St-Moritz last night, you met a businessman who has to go to Locarno as soon as possible. Of course he will pay your flight accordingly. Fly to Locarno, and avoid to cross the Italian border.
 LEG 10 You have never been in Locarno until now, and before flying to Ambri you want to fly in Italy and pass overhead Domodossola.
 LEG 11 A friend of yours who is currently doing his military service in Airolo (next to Ambri) is going back home in Thun for the weekend. As you are currently in Ambri you offer to bring him back to Thun. Avoid the Meiringen TMA and enjoy the view over the Alps.
 LEG 12 It's time to go back to Zurich, as you have to work again tomorrow. Fly to Zurich, and leave your aircraft in the General Aviation Center.


Even if our tours are here to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery, we kindly ask you to read and follow out tour rules.

General rules and conditions

  • All legs have to be flown online with real weather
  • ATC guidance is not necessary all the way.
  • Members not communicating via UNICOM can be excluded from the tour.
  • Flights must be flown in real-time mode (No accelerated mode allowed).
  • A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes will be accepted.
  • Please pay attention to your flight plans. Erroneous flight plans (e.g wrong airfield codes, wrong type of flight plan, etc...) will not be accepted.
  • A restriction of 3 legs per day is set.

MODA (Reporting system)

  • Completed flights must be reported after each leg: take-off and landing times Zulu times only.
  • Make sure to report your callsign as used for the flight.
  • If you had any disconnection (15 minutes max. allowed) during a leg, mention it in the comments.
  • Each leg will be validated by a validator and is only valid after validation.


  • Aircraft: Light SEP aircraft only (Cessna, Piper, etc.). No turbine aircraft, except the Pilatus PC6.
  • Speed: Max 180kts IAS.
  • It is mandatory to follow a valid and correct VFR route, direct flights won't be accepted.
  • Max Flight Level: Respect VFR Rules.
  • Type of flight plan: VFR only.


IMPORTANT: Please wait 6 minutes before departure and after arrival, so that the IVAO tracker can record you are on the ground. Not waiting or missing landing/takeoff data due to too short connection/disconnection time will result in the leg being rejected!

If you complete this tour, you will get the Swiss VFR Tour award  IVAO VFR Award

Ready to start? Enjoy!



Freeware Sceneries for Switzerland: 

Payware Sceneries from Aerosoft/FlyLogic:


We wish you a pleasant flight and much fun on our Discover Switzerland VFR-Tour 2017

CH-Flight Operations Department